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compound word Bingo maker

Compound word bingo is a challenging word puzzle game. It is very easy to create the bingo cards. With the compound word list helper it is very fast and easy to create the wordlist for the bingo game. You can pick a word from the word list by double clicking on the word. This word will be copied in the word list for the bingo game. You can also start typing your word in the compound word list, then in the compound word helper you will see which compound word is available. Or you just type the whole word in case your word is not in the helper.

The bingo card settings

  • Choose the size of the bingo cards. You can choose from 3x3 until 5x5.
  • Select how many free bingos you want on the cards.
  • Type how many bingo cards you need.
  • You can choose to print the whole compound words on the cards. When playing the bingo game, you can announce only the first part of the compound word. This make it easier for the kids the complete the compound word. Or you choose only to print the second part of the compound word on the card. This is more difficult. You announce the first part of the compound word and the kids need to find only the second art of the compound word on their card.

Create your compound word Bingo puzzle

compound word helper
Card size:
Free bingo's:
Number of bingo cards:
print whole compound word or only second part:

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