Communicative Crossword puzzle maker

    The Communicative Crossword maker generates a special type of crossword puzzle. It is a crossword puzzle where you don't provide the clues! But your students do.

    How does it works?
    First create the communicative crossword puzzle.
    You have to type the words in the column 'Puzzle Words' and (optional) the title for the crossword puzzle. Then click on the button 'Generate a new Crossword Puzzle'. After a few seconds the crossword puzzle will be visible on the page. Now you can download the worksheet.

    How to use the worksheet?
    The worksheet contains two crossword puzzles: one with all the horizontal words filled and another with all the vertical words filled in. Pair up two students and provide each of them with one of the puzzles. They should not look at each other's puzzles. Each student is tasked with writing clues for the words in their respective crossword puzzle. Once both students have finished writing the clues, they can cut the paper along the designated cutting line. Then, they exchange the paper with the clues they've created. Now, the students have the clues they need to complete the empty words in their own crossword puzzles.

    Create your own communicative crossword puzzle

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