Communicative Crossword puzzle maker

    The Communicative Crossword maker generates a special type of crossword puzzle. They are used to work in pairs. Each of the pair will get the same crossword puzzle. But for 1 person the across answers are filled in the puzzle. This person has to invent the clues for these words in the puzzle. While the other person has to do the same for down words. When they both has finished writing the clues, they give the clues to each other. And with each others clues they have to complete the crossword puzzle.

    Make your own communicative crossword puzzle. Fill in the words and let the page generate the crossword puzzle. Then you can download the printable pdf file, which you can hand out to your students. Or select one of the saved games. After loading a saved puzzle, you still can change, add or remove words. You can fully ajust the puzzle to the vocabulary you need to practice with your students.

    When you create your communicative crossword puzzle, I will save your puzzle. If the puzzle is suitable for other users, I will add your communicative crossword puzzle to the game list.

    Create your own communicative crossword puzzle

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