Play Fallen Phrase Online

    Play the fallen phrase game online. You will get an empty billboard. All the letters felt from the billboard. Luckily the letters stayed in the right column. This makes it a bit easier to find the correct location of the letters. Your task is the put back the letter on the billboard.

    How does it work?
    You click on a field on the billboard. The letters under the billboard for this column will be highlighted. You can only type one of those letters for the selected field. If you type another letter, this letter will be ignored. When the letter is placed on the billboard, you will see that the letter under the billboard change color. All the white letters are used for the phrase and the black letter can be used for the empty places of the phrase. When the letter is placed on the billboard it doesn't mean that the letter is correct. Place all the letters on the billboard and you can read the phrase.

    Need a bit of help?
    If you are stuck, you can use two help options. The first one is the button 'Give a Hint'. When you click it will place a letter of the phrase on the billboard. When you have selected a field on the billboard and the field is empty, then the correct letter for this field will be placed. If the field already has a correct letter or there is no field selected, then a letter is randomly placed on the billboard.

    The other help option is 'check puzzle'. This option shows which letters are misplaced.

    When you use one of the help options, you will lose points, so you will be unable to have the maximum score.
    Have fun!


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