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Reading temperature on thermometer worksheet maker

High quality reading thermometer worksheet maker. The thermometer can be printed with the temperature in celcius or fahrenheit or both. You can choose between different ranges of temperatures from 0 to 50 degrees, 0 to 100 degrees or -50 to 50. The increments on the thermometers changes according the temperarue range. When using the larger ranges the increment will be by 2. This makes it more difficult for the kids to read the temperature.
When you choose a celcius range in the section 'temperature range' then the temperatures are choosen for the celsius scale and will be integers. The mercury will stop at exactly a stop on the celsius scale. The answer should be a celsius reading. And the same works for fahrenheit.

In the section 'temperature range' you will see behind the ranges [incr = 1] or [incr = 2]. This is the increments on the scale.

These worksheet can be used from grade 1 to grade 3.

Create your Reading Thermometer worksheet.

Celcius or Fahrenheit scale:
Temperature range
[ incr = 1 ]
[ incr = 2 ]
[ incr = 5 ]
[ incr = 1 ]
[ incr = 2 ]
[ incr = 5 ]
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