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Adding Subtracting Time worksheet maker

Create your add and subtract time worksheets here. Easy adjustable to the level of your kids.With a few clicks you have the prefect add and subtract time worksheets. The worksheet has four clocks with 3 time problems. First your kids has to write the time of the clock in the right hand side of the worksheet. Then there be will 3 time problems per clock. They have to solve these problems and write the answer on the right of the worksheet.
What can you adjust:

Type of arithmetic:

Here you select whcih operations you need. Choose between adding, subtracting or mixed. When you choose mixed, you will have both adding and subtracting problems per clock.

Interval for times in the clocks:

You control here the time in the clocks. For the beginners, you can choose for hourly. Then all the times in the clocks will have a time of a whole hour. And of course the most challenging is per minute.

Arithmetic settings

In this section you handle the settings for the time problems.


With the range you determine how for the time in future or past is. If the range is less than one hour, you will only have problems in minutes. The higher the range the more difficult the time problems will be.

Time interval:

This setting looks like the 'Interval for times in the clock'. If you choose hourly, you will get sums with only whole hours problems. And the most challenging is per minute. There is a small warning; you cannot use the setting 'hourly' and the range 'less than 1 hour'. The program will give you a warning if this happens by accident.

Create your Adding Subtracting Time Worksheet.

Type of arithmetic:

Interval for times in the clocks:

Arithmetic settings

Time interval:

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