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Telling Time Bingo Cards Maker

This is a variation on the world famous Bingo game. The bingo cards contains analog clocks instead of numbers. It is a fantastic game to practice telling time with your kids. It is easy to change the difficult level, which means your can use these bingo cards for grade 1 until grade 3. The program will create bingo cards with 16 or 25 analog clocks, with random times. Control the clocks, by choosing which numbers should be visible in the clock. And the time interval, time per quarter, 10, 5 or 1 minute. Select the number of cards you need for your class.

The first page of the pdf contains the times of the clocks on the bingo cards. There is checkbox in front of the times, when you called out the time, you can tick the checkbox.

Create your Telling Time Bingo Cards.

numbers in the clock:
every hour
Time intervals:
10 minutes
5 minutes
1 minute
Size of Bingo Cards:
Number of Bingo Cards:
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