Free word chain maker

    Word chain is a word game where the next word has to start with the last letter of the previous word. With this puzzle maker you can create a closed exercise for your kids. You will fill the puzzle with the words and when you print the puzzle the letter the start and end letters of the words are not printed. You can use the word finder of the app to find valid words for the puzzle.

    How to create a puzzle:

    1. Choose the lengths of the words. You can opt for a fixed length or vary. When you choose for a fixed length, all the words in the puzzle must have this length. When vary is used, than the length is variable for the words.
    2. Choose chain size. You can choose between 1 and 2. This determines if the last letter is the start letter of the next word or the last 2 letter will be the first 2 letters of the next word.
    3. Enter the words. You can just type the word and press enter or click on the ‘search word’ button behind the word.
        a. When you press enter, the app will try to find words that you can use for the next word.
        b. When you press on the search button, the app will use the letters that are already typed for the words. It will use the letters in front of the cursor to find new words.
        c. The app will only randomly show 100 words when searching for words. In case you cannot find a good word, press again on the search button. It will show different words, in case there are more than 100 available words.
    4. The letters in the yellow fields in the puzzle will not be printed in the pdf file. These are the letters that have to be found.

    Create your word chain puzzle

    Length of words
    Size of the chain
    Words found (max 100)

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