Word scrabble Maker

Make your own scrabble puzzle. It is very simple, just type the words you want to practice with your students in the scrabble words list. The website will create the scrabble tiles necessary to create all your words. The rules of the game are also very simple. The students can use all the tiles per word. But cannot use any extra letters. If the game has only two tiles with the letter 'A' then the words cannot have more than two 'A's. This is a great tool to practice new learned vocabulary. But you can also load one of the saved puzzles. After you load the saved puzzle, you can still adjust the words.

Scoring the game is up to you.
1. Count the number of words that the students created.
2. Count the number of letters the students have used.
3. Add up all the letter values of the letters.

When you have created your own scrabble puzzle, I save your puzzle. If your puzzle can be useful for other teachers I will put them in the list of saved puzzles.

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