Free printable Fallen Phrase Puzzle maker

Fallen Phrase Puzzle Maker creates printable worksheets. The letters of the phrase are fallen from a billboard. All the letters are under the board, now it is time to put the letters in the correct order on the board. You can type a phrase or pick a phrase from the list. If you think that it is too difficult for your students to solve the puzzle, you can make it easier. Click on the billboard and the letter will appear (and of course the letter will be removed from the pile under the board.). Select as many letters on the board and click on download. The puzzle will be created in a pdf file which you can download and print.

Every puzzle is dynamically generated, which means every puzzle is (almost) unique. Even when you use the same phrase. when you click on create puzzle, the letters under the board are reshuffled. You can download the pdf for free and can create as many puzzles as you wish.

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