Free edu games and worksheets.

Word Games
A collection of word games. Perfect to increase or practice the students vocabulary. Popular games are word search, word sudoku, bingo and crosswords.
Sentence Games
Here you will find the sentence games. The games are a fun way to practice grammar. In most of the games the students need to rebuild a sentence.
Math Games
Math is dull? Not here! The students will enjoy to practice their math skill with these games. From basic arithmetic to challenging games where math meets logical thinking.
Sudoku Games
World famous Sudoku games, but with a twist. It is not just filling in the missing numbers, no, the students need to calculate the missing numbers.
Board Games
Old fashioned board games are still a great way for students to learn. Who doesn't like Snakes and Ladders?
Work Sheets
Maybe less fun as the games, but very usefull. To create worksheets takes a lot of time, but not here. Create your worksheets in seconds and they are highly adjustable.

Why are the edu games for free.

In 2007 I worked on the Thai-Burmese border as a volunteer teacher. The resources were very limited. I had to make my own edu games, which took a long time to prepare. It was worth it because the students liked the edu games. I saw that a lot of teachers didn't had the time to create these game of worksheets. So I started this website to make it easier for teachers to create fast and easy worksheets for the students. All the educational games generate worksheets, because the schools don't have computers in the classroom. You can create online the worksheets and downloads the pdf file which can be printed and used in the classroom. Most of the worksheets are dynamically generated, which means you can create an unlimited number of educational games. I hope you will enjoy the games!

You can find on the website language, math, knowledge and logical games for in the classroom.